Counselling has been practiced for as long as mankind has been in existence. Two major types of counselling can be described as the customary type and professional (modern) type. The former is the oldest type of counselling and currently practiced by traditional counsellors who, in customary circles, are known as alangizi, bashibukombe, ankoswe. Customary counselors are selected based on socially approved attributes such as asuccessful marriage, religious affiliation, and personal character to mention just a few. Professional counselling has also been recognized in Zambia and its impact in the mitigation of psychosocial problems such as HIV/AIDS, lifestyle diseases, gender based violence, child abuse including other issues that have been documented in workscurrently undertaken by human service agencies world over.Carl Rogers contributed greatly to what is today considered modern counselling. Notwithstanding the complex nature of life today, professional counselling is systemizedand carried out more scientifically with the application of professional skills and techniques.